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Purpose: This study sought to evaluate treatment outcomes of implant-prosthetic rehabilitation with implants in the edentulous maxilla or mandible that were immediately loaded by fixed prostheses. Special consideration was given to the time of implantation (immediate, delayed, or late implant placement). Materials and Methods: Twenty-five patients who received 283 immediately loaded screw-type implants were included in this retrospective study. Data captured included patient file information, panoramic and periapical radiographs obtained during treatment, and clinical parameters examined during the recall period.

The specific objective of the present study is to assess the interactions between cells from a human gingival epithelial cell line and various aesthetic materials used in modern prosthetic dentistry. For this study six types of dental materials were selected: Cr-Co non-precious metal alloy, ceramics applied on Cr-Co nonprecious metal alloy, zirconia, ceramics applied on zirconia, polymethyl methacrylate and pressed ceramics/ lithium disilicate.

Zirconia frameworks were obtained by CAD/CAM technology, using STL files which have been especially designed for flexural tests (“Solid Works” Software). A Co-Cr alloy support was manufactured by CAD/CAM in order to sustain the zirconia samples during mechanical tests. The zirconia samples were designed as three unit bridge frameworks, replacing the firs right lower molar (Fig. 1). The cross sectional area of the connectors was established at 5mm², respectively, 9mm² and the cross section of the connectors was designed to be circular and elliptical

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